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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Orange County, CA San Diego, CA

San Diego

San Diego is blessed with a plethora of waves and surf spots that are considered some of the world’s best. Greatest of all, beginners can practice and veterans can hone their craft year-round in the city’s sunny, world-famous climate. With over 40 miles of coastline, San Diego has the right surf spot for you, no matter your age or experience level. If you are just starting to surf, we recommend sticking to the beginner beach breaks. Those are listed here (…). For more experienced surfers and those looking for more of a challenge in the water, we recommend choosing from this list (…).

Orange County…

Best Surf Spots in Orange County

Whether you call it Orange County, OC, or ”The OC”, there is one thing you can be sure of: this stretch of coastline is a Mecca for California surfing. Orange County is similar to San Diego because it has spots for all levels of surfer. With 42 miles of coastline, there are plenty of beaches to choose from, but a select few are sure to become a favorite the next time you paddle out. If you are a beginner surfer or just starting out, this article (…) has almost everything you need to know about learning to surf in Orange County. If you are an experienced surfer and are just not sure where to go, here are the top surf spots in Orange County: 1.… 2.


With its relatively easy, consistent, warm-water waves, delicious food and drinks, a beautiful desert landscape coupled with historic landmarks, condos and shopping malls and its proximity to ever-growing Southern California, it’s no wonder the area around Cabo San Lucas has become a kind of surfing Disneyland. Here are the top 2 spots we would recommend:

Costa Azul ( is located just outside San Jose del Cabo on the Sea of Cortez and has several breaks: Acapulcito, The Rock (, and Zippers ( Long rides, shallow water, and consistent waves make this an ideal location for learning how to surf! The summer months are the best time to surf here, but don’t let that fool you – the surfing season at Costa Azul spans from March until October.

Los Cerritos ( The serene beauty of Los Cerritos Beach can be found approximately 45 minutes north of Cabo, on the Pacific Ocean. Recent development has seen this area explode lately, with the addition of boutique hotels, restaurants, and activity rentals. Los Cerritos surf beach has a gentle sloping beach and a sand bar farther out where the waves break and is where we go surfing during the winter months. Conveniently, a full service restaurant will serve you on the beach without having to leave your chair!