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Orange County, CA San Diego, CA

San Diego

The more rugged and rocky the coastline, the better the diving, so the most popular dive sites are centered around La Jolla and Point Loma. La Jolla Cove is perhaps the best place for shore diving with an easy entry point, a short swim to the kelp, and abundant marine life. A must for adventurous divers is San Diego’s Wreck Alley and its star attraction, the Yukon, a decommissioned 366 foot Canadian Destroyer intentionally sunk to form an artificial reef and recreational dive site. To experience the very best of Southern California diving, consider a liveaboard dive adventure to the islands, where the water is clear and blue and the wildlife always seems larger than life.

Orange County

Shaw’s Cove is one of the many smaller, semi-secluded beaches in Laguna Beach and is a very popular beach for snorkeling/diving because of its sea life, epic reef structures, and kelp forests. Shaw’s Cove is a very beautiful and picturesque snorkeling location, with Laguna Beach’s signature fancy beach houses overlooking the immediate area.

Diver’s Cove is one of the most popular dive sites in Orange County. It is well-protected from large swells, making it highly suitable for beginning beach divers, and many scuba classes are held here. Diver’s Cove is considered a beginners’ site and many experienced divers stay away from it. To the north you’ll find rock outcroppings at the point that are excellent for finding sea life. Straight out about 30 yards, you’ll run into many “mini reefs” loaded with “mini communities.” The South side of Diver’s cove contains more larger rock reef systems loaded with additional sea life.