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Long Beach, CA Orange County, CA Palm Springs, CA San Diego, CA

San Diego

Picturesque views, beautiful scenery, and a great way to explore America’s Finest City are just a few reasons to get out and hike. San Diego has over 100 named peaks, which means countless miles of hiking trails all over the county. From the most popular names like Torrey Pines and Cowles Mountain to the lesser known trails like Cabrillo and El Cajon Mountain, all bring a unique experience to hikers of all skill levels.

Orange County

While it is easy to celebrate the glorious Orange County weather by indulging in easily accessible, highly visible recreation like beaches and parks, those looking to really get in touch with the rustic, natural side of Orange County will head to the hills and take a hike on one of the county’s vast, underrated network of trails. Nestled in the canyons, slopes, and mountains that make up a surprisingly large chunk of the region, these meticulously kept paths of varying difficulty show a naturally breathtaking side of Orange County that is easy to forget about when you are in the midst of the concrete jungle. Whether you’re a casual hiker or avid outdoorsman, there’s a hike here for everyone. You’ll find everything from an easy walk along the coast to a challenging 16 miler that climbs over 4,000 vertical feet, to wilderness trails and waterfalls.

Palm Springs

Hiking trails are abundant in Palm Springs. From easy walking trails to more difficult terrain, the outdoor enthusiasts will experience spectacular mountain vistas, waterfalls, natural streams, rocky gorges, and unusual rock formations. The pristine desert air mixed with giant palm trees and an alpine wilderness create the perfect setting of natural desert beauty. Hike the world’s largest fan palm oasis in Palm Canyon, the tranquil and intimate Andreas Canyon, or the secluded and wandering Murray Canyon. Tahquitz Canyon rewards hikers at the end of a moderate hike with a beautiful 40 ft. waterfall.